We provide consulting services for both Polish and foreign, small and mid-sized enterprises operating in all economic sectors, with special emphasis on our wide experience in the construction branch (prefabrication, road and industrial construction), service sector and trade.

Our offer includes:

  • Tax advisory in the scope of solving problems related to VAT, CIT and PIT;
  • Tax advisory on local taxes;
  • Economical and financial expertise;
  • Support in organising accounting departments;
  • Ensuring an effective flow of information and financial documents;
  • Introduction of management accounting systems;
  • Introduction of financial control systems;
  • Immediate support for accounting departments (emergency accounting);
  • Conducting regular reviews of accounting procedures;
  • Consulting and support in full-scoped/complex aspects of accounting;
  • Support in choosing and introducing an accounting system;
  • Drafting a company Accounting Policy: preparing accounting and bookkeeping solutions with a description of adopted principles in accounting, record keeping and transaction settlement;
  • Designing new and improving existing accounting procedures.

We invite you to contact us directly and look into the details of what we have to offer.