Bookkeeping Services

The idea of outsourcing some of a company's affairs such as accounting, payroll calculations, HR issues - matters related to the daily routine of enterprises - proved to be an effective tool for boosting business performance in many countries. That is why our offer includes conducting all matters related to bookkeeping on our Client's behalf, such as:

  • On-going keeping of accounting books and related records required by law;
  • Current revenue and expense ledger keeping;
  • Calculating payrolls and social insurance contributions;
  • Running HR issues;
  • Accounting services for foreign companies and their branches starting business in Poland;
  • Immediate support for accounting departments;
  • Drafting of all legally required tax declarations and statistical reports;
  • Completing annual statements of accounts in compliance with the provisions of the Accounting Act;
  • Drafting reports and analyses for the Board;
  • Assistance during company tax audits and external audits.

All bookkeeping is run using SFINKS software. Upon request, we may do this using the Client's own accounting software. We invite you to contact us directly and look into the details of what we have to offer.