Audit of Statements of Accounts

Our Office is certified to offer a wide range of audit services for companies, including:

  • Obligatory or optional audits of individual and consolidated statements of accounts;
  • Examination of consolidation packages. If needed, this service involves liaison with group auditors, including foreign ones;
  • Reviews of statements of accounts;
  • Reviews of the company's accounting books in order to establish their conformity with tax regulations, as well as in any scope required by the Client;
  • Assurance engagements requiring advanced knowledge of accountancy and financial reviews;
  • Examination of commercial companies' conversions, mergers and divisions in accordance with the Commercial Companies Code.

Upon request, the audit may be appended with a suitable commentary/opinion as well as an audit/review/verification report in English. We invite you to contact us directly and look into the details of what we have to offer.