Anna Rotter - Audit and Accounting Office

The Office was established in 2008 by Anna Rotter, a statutory auditor with years of practical experience gained at different stages of her career.

We are an Office highly specialised in full-scoped consulting, accounting and HR and payroll services for all kinds of businesses

Our business is registered on the List of Audit Firms under the number of 3359 maintained by the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors.

We offer services in Polish, English and German.

Our primary goal is to offer services of the highest quality through maximum dedication. At the same time we aim to carry out our duties with utmost care and remain a convenient, friendly partner to our Clients.

Anna Rotter - Audit and Accounting Office

Being aware of the responsibility given to us by our Clients in the running of their affairs, we focus on constantly improving our qualifications and follow the ever changing law regulations and their interpretations. We do our best to be always ready to support our Clients with advice and experience.

If you need professional support and full-scoped service in running your business, please feel invited to browse through our offer and become our next partner.